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Miriam's Quilts and Crafts

Air Force One * Air Force One * (3 Slides)
Angel * AngelAvailable for purchase at $150.00 * (6 Slides)
Baby Blanket * Baby blankets * (11 Slides)
  Air Force One  
  Baby Blanket  
Ballerina * Ballerina * (9 Slides)
Butterfly Delight * Butterfly Delight * (8 Slides)
Christmas Tree * Christmas Tree * (9 Slides)
  Butterfly Delight  
  Christmas Tree  
Crochet * Crochet * (2 Slides)
Gday Mate *  Australian quilts, pillows, and crafts, wall hanging Australian Animals:This quilt has the most popular of the native animals and birds.The colors are color brown or light coffe color ,with a light brownand an interesting aboriginal print for the border of the quilt in differentbrowns.Also has been embroidered with the Husqvarna Viking Rose.This particular Quilt has been Machine quilted. It is a piece of reminder of Down Under. * (15 Slides)
Guardian Angel Pillow * Guardian Angel Pillow * (9 Slides)
  Gday Mate  
  Guardian Angel Pillow  
Jars o Bugs * Bugs in Jars * (5 Slides)
Little Princess * Quilt for little princess * (15 Slides)
Log Cabin * Gold Leaf Log CabinThis is a mini quilt that measures 34 x 34 in. This creation took me months to put together,with little bits of fabrics in each log cabin. The fabrics are original prints from Australia withdifferent colors, like green, beige, orange, blue, brown, with a nice detail of gold color in each fabric with the representation of native animals.The border of the quilt is like a brown red desert color with little details of gold color matchingthe other fabrics. I will describe this quilt like a Royal desert quilt. This is a unique design.This quilt is dry cleaning only. It is a piece of art reflected on a quilt. The backing of this quilt isbeige calico. This quilt has been machine quilted and hand quilted. Available for purchase at $200.00 * (9 Slides)
  Jars o Bugs  
  Little Princess  
  Log Cabin  
Maple Leaf * Maple Leaf * (4 Slides)
Meet the Quilter * Meet the quilter, Miriam * (9 Slides)
Nascar * Nascar quilt * (3 Slides)
  Maple Leaf  
  Meet the Quilter  
Picture This * Put your photo memories on a quilt, like scrapbooking for quilts.My wedding day pic and one whole year of my baby.I know that Scrapbooking is very popular this days ,but what a better way toshow the whole world your keepsake memories in a quilt!This particular one was made for my older son, just a little reminder how fastbabies grow and how fast life goes...I never get tired of having a look at thisquilt brings such a nice memories, also this quilt has my wedding day picture, just a picture perfect on the big day of my life.I hope you all enjoy looking atthis one. It took me almost a year, mean time I was getting more pictures ...also I hand made the roses, with silk embroidery ribbons, and hand embroidered also ...You can see it is lot of work involved. * (6 Slides)
Pillow Talk * PillowsThis candle wicking pillows are perfect for a wedding giftor Wedding anniversary .They are also a nice present forMother's day or even Christmas time.This pillows areembroidered by hand, with different patterns you all canappreciate.It is a nice item for Antique style collectors also. * (6 Slides)
Star * Star * (6 Slides)
  Picture This  
  Pillow Talk  
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