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Put your photo memories on a quilt, like scrapbooking for quilts.
My wedding day pic and one whole year of my baby.
I know that Scrapbooking is very popular this days ,but what a better way to
show the whole world your keepsake memories in a quilt!
This particular one was made for my older son, just a little reminder how fast
babies grow and how fast life goes...I never get tired of having a look at this
quilt brings such a nice memories, also this quilt has my wedding day picture,
just a picture perfect on the big day of my life.I hope you all enjoy looking at
this one. It took me almost a year, mean time I was getting more pictures ...
also I hand made the roses, with silk embroidery ribbons, and hand embroidered also ...
You can see it is lot of work involved.

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